WPA2-Enterpeise security goes beyond simply using a passphrase (or password) for connecting to the WiFi. WPA2-Enterpeise involves three primary components: […]
I do a lot of work in the retail industry, where thin profits dictate if, when, and how much budget […]
Even after you’ve carefully configured and optimized your WiFi network, you are still bound to have some sort of issue […]
Which Rate is Which Data rates can certainly be confusing, even how we refer to them varies by engineer and […]
Again with the SNR In my previous post (Eliminate Channel Dysfunction – Your WiFi Will Thank You), I spoke briefly […]
More About Performance In the previous blog post about SSIDs, I talked about how management traffic can consume the airtime […]
What is (and isn’t) an SSID? Before getting into what an SSID is, we must understand what it isn’t, which […]
*** please read part 1 before continuing on with part 2 below *** “Fill the Front Seats First” Physics tells us […]
What is Airtime? Airtime is a measure of the time it takes for a WiFi device (i.e. AP, wireless router, […]
Purpose of My Blog

I often find myself discussing Wi-Fi design requirements with folks who don’t necessarily have a strong background in Wi-Fi.  So, I decided to create a blog that provides a relatable explanation of various Wi-Fi concepts, in a way that is digestible by both expert and novice alike.


About Me

Todd Smith – WiFi-Fu Master




You can read about and contact me via Twitter @wifidoer, or via LinkedIn.


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